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Before introducing the Q Factor™ technology to the Spenco For Her™ line of products there has been many research studies done that showed the need for this type of product for women athletes as well as for women in general. 

With the Quadricep angle (Q-angle) usually means that women are more likely to supinate, roll on the outside of the foot and then overcompensate by pronating, which drastically shifts the weight over to the inside of the foot.  This can lead to hip, knee and back problems.  The theory behind the Q factor™ technology is that it will guide the women’s foot into a more centralized position.

Recently young girls have started to participate in more athletic events, which used to be dominated by boys and young men.  Just a few years ago women were considered to play a slower, more defensive style of sports.  But today women have become more competitive which has caused women to play with more power and speed.  The increased participation and intensity of play has also increased the level of interest in health and medical issues specific to female athletes. 

Recent studies have shown that female athletes have a greater susceptibility to injuries of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) when compared with male athletes.  It was found that there was an apparent relationship between the anterior knee pain and the Q-angle. The National Collegiate Athletic Association gathered statistics over a 3 year period in early 1990’s comparing incidents of injuries of men to women.  The study showed that women suffered ACL injuries 4 times more often in basketball; 3 times more often in gymnastics and 2 1/2 times more often in soccer. That breaks down to more than 4 to 10 times more ACL injuries in women than in male athletes and about 80,000-100,000 ACL tears documented annually.

In the knee, the femur meets the tibia at an angle which is called the Q-angle.  The width of the pelvis determines the size of the Q-angle.  Women have a wider pelvis than men have for child bearing; therefore, the Q-angle is greater in women than in men.  By having this greater angle, forces are concentrated on the ligament each time the knee twists increasing the risk for an ACL tear.  For example a twisting injury in a man’s knee may only stretch his ACL, however the greater Q-angle with the same type of twisting injury in a woman’s knee may cause a complete ACL tear. Mounting research indicates that a woman’s knee is not simply a smaller version of a man’s knee.  The differences involve the bones, ligaments and tendons in the joints,” says Dr. Aaron G. Rosenberg.  Women have less muscle strength in proportion to bone size than men have.  The muscles that help hold the knee in place are stronger in men than in women.  Therefore women rely less on the muscles and more on the ACL to hold the knee in place.  So the ACL may have to work overtime, making it more prone to rupture. 

More than ever before women are constantly on the go in everyday life, whether it’s at work or a stay-at-home mom, the demands made on the daily lives of women can cause excessive demands and ultimate retribution to their feet.  Healthy feet are important to keep you on the go. The limitless options of shoe wear that go along with the daily demands are almost just as many.  Foot pain and problems are not normal and shouldn’t have to be lived with.  In 2004 the APMA found that 31 % of those interviewed had foot or ankle problems within a year’s time.  Obviously when your feet hurt, you hurt all over, but when we neglect to listen to our body’s complaints, we allow small problems to progress into big problems. 

Vendors and retailers report continuing growth in women’s sales and differences between the way the two genders make purchases are becoming more clear.  Running stores have reported their customer base slanting to 55%-65% women and the amount of time women shop for shoes and accessories is disproportionately high.  Amanda Charles, Accessory buyer at the Boulder Running Company noted “Whether it is women buying for themselves or for others, they are dictating what we sell.”   Women are looking for new technology and asking more questions. Jim Monahan, the VP of footwear at Asics noted “the impact of the women’s business on the industry has been the single largest driving force in its growth.  The women’s growth has been outpacing our men’s for the last two years.”  At this day and age women don’t want men’s leftovers they want products that have a performance story behind them and products that are able to multi-task with them. 

The whole line of Spenco For Her™ products is geared specifically for the targeted comfort for a woman’s foot.  The cushioning and Total Support products are more technical with the built in Q Factor™ technology that directly helps better align the woman’s foot.  The extension of products into the sport casual line will allow for better comfort in the vast arrange of women’s shoes.  

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